Amirah Adara and Tiffany Tatum in A New Roommate by Hentaied

Amirah Adara had a little brawl with her new roommate Tiffany Tatum. She was a bitch enough to flirt with Tiffany’s bf which is a big no-no. After she left her room Amirah stayed alone to listen to some music. This is the moment when a black parasite showed up and crawled into her panties. After multiple orgasms the little thing took control over her mind. It was completely clouded once she woke up. Amirah Adira automatically put on a sexy make up with matching lingerie. It was time to visit her new roommate Tiffany Tatum. The hot babes started to make out which was a perfect opportunity for the parasite to jump into Tiffany’s mouth. She got corrupted by the little thing as well. They ended up eating each others tight twats in 69! Btw Amirah had a quad anal encounter before with Mr. Alien, make sure to check out that scene too!

Amirah Adara and Tiffany Tatum at Hentaied

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