Bubble butt Carmen Valentina gets a nice dicking

Carmen and her steppy were hoping to really bond on their vacation! Too bad his dad was being a total stick in the mud. He didn’t want to do anything except work, which is the exact opposite of what a vacation is all about! Just for that, hes gonna have to sleep on the couch for the night. Carmen Valentina retires to her room, and her steppy gets back up from the spa. He tries to pal around with his father, but he also gives him the same spiel and tells him to go hang out with his steppy in the bedroom. Once inside, he caught her in her lingerie and she was kind of turned on by it. She even told him that he never pays attention to her anymore, giving him the cue to make the move. She suggests he pretend to leave so he doesn’t get suspicious, then they could have a little fun. He is successful, and damn it worth it! Carmen sucked his cock for the first time and even let him cum on her. A definite must see.

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