Eliza Jane fucks for a pay raise

Sexy perky blonde Eliza has been working for Mr. James only for about a day or two, but the broke bitch already wants a raise, wtf?! Luckily for her she has found the previous nannies paycheck and she was making a lot more then she is now, even two or three times the money she earns. So she confronted Mr. James with the facts and asked him if she has done anything extra? In that moment her boss put her hands on his cock.. Eliza Jane immediately know what has to be done. She pulled that dick out and started sucking it on the couch on which they were just sitting a minute ago. After a long and satisfying oral she put that hard dick inside her tight pussy and rode it like she never rode one before. I think she will make a lot more then the sitter before her. She got the motivation and the body for it!

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