Emiri Momota in Prison at Hentaied

We just recently celebrated the New Year with Emiri Momota‘s first scene at Hentaied and she is already back! This time visiting a small town where she gets detained by the local police for no obvious reason. Emiri gets escorted by Amirah into her jail cell full nude.. for no obvious reason as well. This is the moment when events take an even stranger turn. Our busty Japanese beauty starts to hear strange noises and a huge black tentacle begins to emerge from the jail toilet. And there is an other one.. they quickly reach her legs and neck to hold her down. These horny tentacles can’t wait to finally dive deep in a beautiful Japanese pussy and mouth.. to fill it up with all the alien goo they have! Enter below to grab this and all the hot real life hentai scenes now!

Emiri Momota at Hentaied

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