Hailey Rose & Xwife Karen at Parasited in Twist of Fate at the Throttle Thirst Tavern

Xwife Karen is helping her very good girlfriend Hailey Rose cleaning her grandma’s old bar. It has been closed for more than a decade now and it’s filled with cardboard boxes. However there is an old tenant in one of those.. an alien parasite! Hailey Rose picks it up, open is and the small little thing sneakily crawls up her legs straight into her vagina. It immediately takes control and she starts to shake on the floor. Karen comes to rescue but instead she gets parasited too. The hot big tit girlfriends are now under full control and it’s all set for a wild lesbian sex in the old tavern! Enter below and grab Hailey Rose & Xwife Karen debut scene at Parasited in 4K!

Hailey Rose & Xwife Karen at Parasited

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