Hentaied Summer School with Melody Marks

Summer school is in full swing and Melody Marks “enjoys” every minute of it. She has been a bad babe so it’s time to make things right. She is dressed in a sexy coed uniform with skirt but no panties under. And Mr. Alien does likes chicks with no panties on… it makes their pretty holes accessible! And today is no different. A few tentacles come to visit while Melody is all alone sitting behind the desk. Her tight pussy is looking all lonely in a need of a ride. Melody’s hands get tied down by tentacles so the others can dive deep inside that beautiful pussy of hers. And into her mouth as well. Filling both with a huge load of Alien goo! Looks like Melody Marks will be back again for more classroom tentacle fun!

Melody Marks at Hentaied

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