Kerrigan’s Last Trip by Hentaied featuring Octokuro

Octokuro makes debut at Hentaied as the sexy Kerrigan. She is in a deep temple looking after a mysterious ancient relic. But she is not alone. A huge spider like monster is behind her and it’s ready to bite her and wrap her in cocoon before swallowing our sexy heroine. Octokuro wakes up fully naked inside the belly of the huge creature. Her big boobies are bouncing around while tentacles start to make their way to her sweet holes.. and no one will be left behind. First her mouth, then her pussy and finally her butt is going to be fucked as well. A huge load of anal creampie for Kerrigan by big black tentacles is what she deserves. Enter below and watch Octokuro’s first Hentaied scene now!

Octokuro at Hentaied

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