Kimora Quin Fucked Hard at Little Asians

Our favorite oriental site called Little Asians got a new scene coming out next Thursday called Lessons in Arithme-Dick. It’s Kimora Quin‘s debut scene where she is visited by Nathan Bronson to help her with mathematics. She is pretending to suck at it to keep Nate coming back all the time. She got a crush on him but is afraid to tell our hero. Luckily for Kimora he hears her conversation on the phone where she tells her bff that she has been faking the whole dumb chick thing. It’s time to come forward and tell Nathan what is this whole thing about. She just wants to get fucked like she wasn’t fucked before. Kimora Quin’s little asian pussy needs a massive pumping and he is the man for the job. Check back next week for more or join below to grab all the hot Asian sex in 4K!

Kimora Quin at Little Asians

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