Lulu Chu in Lulu’s Adventure by Hentaied

Lulu Chu was enjoying her favorite book in the bed when something strange happened. Right after that huge tentacles appeared and wrapped her tight Asian body. She was trying to get away but no luck. The tentacles are strong and want to ride her holes. Including her pussy and ass! Fucking them till they cum inside her leading to a super hot anal creampie. Leaving Lulu Chu covered in Alien cum. The same thing happened a few days later. Lulu was in the locker room when she heard strange noises.. the tentacles were hiding in one of the lockers. They reached out and grabbed our petite bombshell for an other hot ride. Leaving her covered in goo once again! Make sure to check out Lulu’s debut scene at Hentaied as well!

Lulu Chu at Hentaied

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