Parasited Motel Malaise with Queenie Sateen & Skye Blue

Queenie Sateen and Skye Blue have arrived at this rundown motel and at Parasited too! It’s the big debut for both curvy babes at our favorite Alien parasite site. The first thing they discovered in the room is a slimy substance on the bed sheets. After a quick search they stumbled upon a small parasite like being. It looked like a big nasty worm of some sort but still harmless. Upon close inspection it came alive and jumped into the big tit blondes mouth. It didn’t took long for it to take over her mind. Parasited Skye Blue instantly started to feel an urge for wild sex. There was no time to waist. She grabbed her girlfriend Queenie Sateen and transferred the Alien parasite over. Now that both babes are under Parasite control the true lesbian fun can begin! Including some wild tribbing and sloppy 69! Watch Motel Malaise now in 4K, enter below.

Queenie Sateen & Skye Blue at Parasited

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