Peculiar Gifts by Parasited with Blake Blossom & Vanna Bardot

Blake Blossom is giving her girlfriend Vanna Bardot a peculiar gift. It’s a slimy worm, kinda big and disgusting. Vanna doesn’t really like it, so Blake is the first one to get possessed by it. Now that she is under control it’s time to infect Vanna too. She pins her head down on the desk and spits it out so the worm can crawl inside Vanna’s pretty mouth. Now it’s time to have fun that both ladies are under the parasites control. The desk will be the perfect spot for the wild pussy eating and scissoring party! Enter below and grab Vanna Bardot’s Parasited debut scene now. To check out Blake Blossoms first Parasited action with Kendra Sunderland & Natasha Nice just click here.

Blake Blossom & Vanna Bardot at Parasited

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