Post Pandemic with Catherine Knight & Chloe Temple by Parasited

There is a parasite outbreak in the city. Two sexy nurses Catherine Knight & Chloe Temple all left alone in the hospital where it all started. The poor Chloe needs help so her brave colleague Catherine goes on a hunt for medicine. Unfortunately Chloe moves really slow so a parasite catches up with her and crawls inside her vagina. A few minutes later Catherine returns to the already infected Chloe. She is welcomed by a huge kiss, transferring the parasite over. Now both nurse beauties are under the influence of the worm and they can finally make out and scissor on the hospital floor. Maybe this is what they have dreamed about all the time? Enter below to download the full action now. This is both Catherine Knight’s and Chloe Temple’s debut at Parasited!

Catherine Knight & Chloe Temple at Parasited

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