Selena Stone POV Fucked at Sis Loves Me

Selena Stone is asking for some special birthday presents from her crazy steppy. He is waiting for her with an already rock hard boner so she knows how to handle the situation. Selena reaches for his dick to make sure she gets the gifts. She doesn’t has to wait long, the next day Jay is in the living room with a small cake and a gift bag. He bought her a nice pyjama, but she wants to suck his cock before trying it on.

After a short oral session she goes to the bedroom to try on her brand new pajama. It fits nicely, but the party changes once she shows her tits. Jay can’t wait to finally dive deep into her pussy. It’s all juicy and wet, the only thing what was missing was his throbbing cock. Selena Stone gets pov fucked on the bed and luckily for us it all got filmed (and leaked) as well!

Selena Stone at Sis Loves Me

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