Avery Black, Nicole Doshi & Scarlett Alexis in Ms. Huang by Parasited

Scarlett Alexis and Avery Black are trying to steal something from the rich Asian MILF Nicole Doshi alias Ms Huang. They are all dressed in black with a cat mask on. This is not their first visit at Ms Huang’s house, but their first as burglars! Once they sneak into the mansion they are met by the owner. She is completely changed since they met her last time. Nicole’s voice sounds demonic and she seems like she is possessed. She got a whip in her hand and she is not afraid to use it on the naughty burglars Scarlett and Avery. Once they are caught the Asian MILF infects them too so the wild Asian lesbian threeway finally can start! Enter below to see the full video now, it’s Avery Black, Nicole Doshi & Scarlett Alexis’s debut at Parasited!

Avery Black, Nicole Doshi & Scarlett Alexis at Parasited

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