Jewelz Blu & Sophia Locke at Parasited in Welcome to the Team!

Jewelz Blu is the new super sexy intern who wants a permanent position in the team. Her boss Sophia Locke see’s her future really optimistic, but first Jewelz needs to go through a special initiation process at the office. There is a big glass with a special blue liquid and an alien worm in it. She needs to take the worm in order to get the position. Sounds like a hard task, but once it’s inside it takes over control. Sophia’s plan was to seduce her new blue haired intern and it’s a success. All Jewelz has in her mind now is to spread wide and scissor with her sexy boss. Sophia is more than happy to welcome the latest addition into her Parasited office. Enter below to grab this lust filled lesbian office sex in 4K!

Jewelz Blu & Sophia Locke at Parasited

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