BFFs Beach Bikers

The sun was shining so there is nothing in the way of an excellent bike trip on the beach. The three besties dressed the same black swimsuit showing off their hot butts! Oh and the matching cyan blue bikes were a must as well. Basically every dude (and some chicks as well) were checking out their asses so they wanted to document it. They found a cute single guy and asked him to make some photos. They did a few pics on the beach.. all went really great, so they invited the lucky dude up to their apartment. Now this is the point were things escalated really fast. The three beauties stripped down the guy and gave him a perfect blowjob – all three of them! When his cock was hard enough they stripped down the swimsuits and fucked him – one by one.. I think he definitely won’t forget this day! Fortunately for us he made a video as well

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