BFFs Sex Ed Games

Isabella, Avi and Jaye are all participating in the first annual Sex Ed Games! All of them planned to do the same thing with the prize money which was shopping of course. Let the games begin! The first event was the twerk time competition. All of the babes had equally bouncy booties. This competition was getting tough! The next event was the handjob competition. All the besties were quite strong in this field as well. Next up was the BJ competition at BFFs Sex Ed Games. They figured they should all just work together and split the prize money. It would make things easier and more enjoyable. Plus when it came down to the final competition of the fucking they could all have some stamina leftover. Sure enough all the beties used their pussies to their fullest extent, but somehow Isabella ended up winning because she got the most cum drenched onto her face. Better luck next time bitches 😉

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