BFFs Beach House Bums Foursome Video

These BFFs aren’t afraid of anything, except the hot tanned brunette Lilo. Melody and Alice are ready to crush this beach house and have some little fun while the owners aren’t home, but their bestie doesn’t wants to cooperate. She needs some serious convincing, but she also likes to get wet in a pool with her BFFs. After all nothing bad can happen so she agrees to this little adventure. From now on they will be known as the BFFs Beach House Bums. The hotties find the key under the rug and they change to bikinis almost instantly.

But the home owner surprises them while they are having some sapphic fun outdoor by the pool. Derrick is ready to call the cops after he makes a picture about these hottie, but they have something else in mind. They are ready to get on their knees and give his big dick a nice suck. Nobody could resist in a situation like this and Derrick made the wise choice. He let them put his junk into a blowjob sandwich. These besties think fast! After a nice blowjob session they are ready to bend over and get cocked one by one on this nice sunny day! I think these besties will be safe now.

BFFs Beach House Bums

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