Infection by Parasited with Kimmy Kim and Lulu Chu

A tiny alien parasite was lurking in the park.. hunting for fresh pussy! Luckily for it two hot Asian babes Kimmy Kim and Lulu Chu were wandering around. The parasite somehow manages to get on Kimmy’s legs then slowly crawl up right into her uncovered pussy. Once the Asian besties get home Kimmy starts to notice something strange. Green slime starts to come out of her mouth. She started to change and catches Lulu who tried to get away. Kimmy holds her down and the small alien parasites slides over into her mouth. Taking control of Lulu’s mind as well. Now that both Asian beauties are parasited – infected the real fun can begin. Eating out each others tight holes until they both reach orgasm.

Lulu Chu & Kimmy Kim at Hentaied

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