Jia Lissa in Parasited Twins by Hentaied

Jia Lissa and her twin sister maids are here to clean this huge house. With plenty of hands it should be an easy task. After finishing she takes a relaxing bath and when she returns to the living room she finds her twin sisters butt naked face down on the floor. In an instant black tentacles start to crawl up her legs. She tries to resist but the tentacles are big and strong.. there is simply no point. Seems like the tentacles aren’t the only Alien things in the house. Small mind control creatures in her ears are taking control of her lust. The real life hentai party can began once Jia Lissa’s mind is completely taken over. Her sweet pussy is going to get fucked hard by these big black tentacles. Once finished, small Alien tentacles drop out of her tight pussy! Enter below to grab the full action or check out other Hentaied scenes with Jia Lissa here at Shegg.

Jia Lissa at Hentaied

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