Plants vs Cunts vol. 3 with Emiri Momota

Emiri Momota is a well known for her great appearances at Hentaied and Parasited. Just check out our Emiri archive by clicking here to dive deep into her flawless work. So it was about time for her to make a debut at Plants vs Cunts too! Emiri loves exploring and capturing videos in the nature. But this is a special forest she is currently in where suddenly the branches start moving. She gets tied down by some vines and next she knows she is sitting on the ground all naked spread wide. The plant tentacles are eager to fuck her holes and fill them with plant juice. But they don’t forget about her boobs either. A lovely titjob is a must with such amazing titties. Enter below and watch the full scene as Emiri enjoys the plant creampie!

Emiri Momota at Plants vs Cunts

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