Gelatinous Odyssey by Hentaied with Rikako Katayama

Rikako Katayama in her silky nightgown approaches the bedroom closet when something unexpected happens. Instead of her clothes she is faced with a mysterious portal. From which a gelatinous Alien comes out and wraps itself around our lovely Japanese beauty. Full blackout.. she wakes up in a tight space with tentacle like red vines all around her. Her beautiful legs are up and being fully naked.. something is about to happen.. a big black tentacle comes out of nowhere and penetrates her uncovered pussy. And an other one comes out to please her pretty mouth. Big tit Japanese hottie Rikako Katayama enjoys the wild ride by the tentacles and she enjoys full orgasm as she gets creampied by the Alien creature..

Rikako Katayama at Hentaied

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