Infection 3 by Parasited with Jewelz Blu & Victoria Voxxx

Jewelz Blu is watching the news at home. It’s filled with troubling reports about alien parasites appearing all over the world. The situation sounds really bad so she starts to fortify the doors to make sure nothing gets inside. But they are already there and she founds about them first hand at night when she goes to sleep. An alien parasite slides into her ear and takes control. The next day her hot girlfriend Victoria Voxxx comes to visit. At first she looks all over the place, but suddenly Jewelz gets out of a corner and attacks her. She transfers an alien creature into her mouth and now both babes are totally under control. The mind-blowing lesbian sex including wild scissoring and pussy eating can start! Make sure to check out Infection 1 and Infection 2 as well!

Jewelz Blu & Victoria Voxxx at Parasited

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