Jewelz Blu in Under the Bed at Hentaied

Jewelz Blu is visiting her very good but distant friend and on the way there she stops at a local motel. It’s a really spooky place and she doesn’t likes it there. While she is getting sleepy a lot of black tentacles crawl out from the shadows. She wakes up to the noise but they are gone. She tries to look under the bed but this is when they grab her leg and hold her down. There is no going back now. The big black tentacles slowly crawl up her butt crack to reach her mouth and big boobies.. they turn her around so they can penetrate her tight holes as well. Jewelz Blu is going to be filled up with alien goo in no time. Enter below to grab her first ever scene at Hentaied and check out Jewelz’s latest Parasited scene too!

Jewelz Blu at Hentaied

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