Jiology Lab: The New Ass-istant by Hentaied with Jia Lissa & Veronica Leal

Jia Lissa and her brand new ass-istant Veronica Leal are working hard at the Jiology Lab. But it’s time to take a break and Jia leaves the room. Now the beautiful and curious Veronica has a chance to finally grab one of the parasites and put it on her own neck. She loses all control and gets drowned in an ocean of pleasure and lust. Thanks to Jia’s new growing portion the parasite also gets ten times bigger. Once Jia returns to the laboratory, she founds her new ass-istant totally naked and happiest as she has ever been. She understands that the tentacles are already on their way. It’s time to spread Veronica Leal’s beautiful legs so they have something to feast on. Penetrating her tight pussy and butt will make the Alien monster happy and there will be a chance to catch the parasite! Enter below to grab the full double pussy and anal penetration video now!

Jia Lissa & Veronica Leal at Hentaied

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