Plants vs Cunts vol. 4 with Rikako Katayama

Rikako Katayama makes her first appearance at Plants vs Cunts. She wakes up in the middle of the forest.. her jeans are all ripped and she doesn’t know where she has landed after falling through the tree branches. Seems like the nearby vines start to crawl around her arm and hold her tight. She fells to the ground where a plant tentacle is slowly crawling towards the opening in her jeans. That open hole is perfectly lined up with her amazing pussy and it finds her way in. She is definitely no stranger to big tentacles, just check out Rikako Katayama’s latest Hentaied scene here. Seems like there is no escaping the vines and tentacles. They are going to fill her pretty holes and cream all over her beautiful uncovered body. Join below and grab this scene in 4K today!

Rikako Katayama at Plants vs Cunts

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