Top 5 BFFs Videos of 2018 So Far

We thought it’s time to take a look at the top episodes released this year from one of the best porn sites out there called BFFs. Some of you might not know this one but it’s definitely worth checking out. BFF stands for Best Friends Forever and this porn site features a lot of besties having naughty fun all at once. Sometimes they share toys, dildos, other times they share a hard cock and there are times when they jump from one cock to another on hardcore sex orgies. The set up and the amount of chicks is always different, what stays the same is the craziness of the videos. Therefore we thought it would be nice to make a best of chart for the current year and see which BFFs videos were the most popular so far. Of course opinions are like buttholes – everyone has one – so your rank might look quite different than ours 🙂 Make yourself comfortable and check out the top 5 BFFs videos for 2018:

1) Ballerinas 2

It was a pretty hard choice (there are so many great videos released this year), but Ballerinas 2 is definitely one of the best. There is an episode called Ballerinas 1 as well – as the number in the title refers to it, however that one goes back to 2015. Ballerinas 2 was released in May featuring the three lovely besties Ashley Anderson, Shae Celestine, Athena Rayne and a pervy ballet instructor who loves to spy on the sexy ballerinas. This time he got caught but the ladies weren’t angry at all they even asked for some tips how to get better at doing splits. His answer was his penis! First they had to suck it dry then they had to bend over at the mirror wall for some extra foursome stretching. The instructor’s big cock surely helped the BFFs to relax. He finished by spraying an extra lube on all the ballerinas!

2) Best Friend Pact

So far this is the newest BFFs video released just over a week ago with the four sexy teen babes Xeena Mae, Melody Parker, Harmony Wonder and Natalie Brooks. These lovely coeds love to get together and share their sex experiences with each other. However after a short debate Harmony – the host – brings out their new toys – some big ass vibrators. The other three bffs don’t mind it at all, they strip down and start to please their sweet pink pussies in the living room. But the party doesn’t stops here, Harmony got another surprise for them, actually two surprises – two hard cocks which are ready to get sucked. This brunette teen doesn’t fucks around, she really wants to spice up this private sex ed party and she sure does. But this is the point where things are getting escalated, the strictly blowjob party turns to a wild sixsome fuck fest. The horny besties jump on the hard dicks like some crazy whores and can’t stop riding them. Now this is how a proper sex education should look like. Big congrats to Harmony for making it happen!

3) Moby Dicked

We like outdoor sex therefore the third place goes to the BFFs episode called Moby Dicked. As you may have already guessed the fun is going to take place on a boat with a horny captain called Captain Dick! Zoe Bloom, Vienna Rose and Blair Williams want to explore the open waters while the horny captain wants to explore their tight pussies. The three girlfriends get super horny from the sun and they are more than happy to show some flesh to the good old captain. They start to make out and after a few minutes of intensive kissing they make the move to check out the one dick on the deck. They are afraid of getting wet so they end up sucking Dick’s dick dry. After a proper blowjob session they are ready to bend over and get Dicked one by one. It doesn’t takes much time for the captain to blow his load on all the beautiful besties finishing this foursome boat trip with a real bang!

4) Spa Day

Spa Day is a pretty recent BFFs update to which got released in August. The three Latina besties Kitty Carrera, Sofie Reyez and Gabriela Lopez love to relax and today they want to share it with the world. Therefore Sofie grabs a camera and luckily for us films everything. They dress up in stunning white silk robes so they can paint each other’s nails and put green cucumber on eyes. After all this relaxation it’s time for Sofie’s true surprise a foot masseur. However his only specialty isn’t just foot massage, he got a pretty thick and big dick as well. The BFFs quickly undress the silk robes to seduce the masseur. Our hero can’t take it any longer, he wants to eat all the spicy Latina pussies! He starts to lick them one by one and in return they all suck his big fat dick. The stud grabs the camera and films the hot doggystyle foursome making it a nice POV sex tape!

5) Easter Egg Cunt

We like lingerie very much so the last one on this top list is going to be filled with fishnet stockings, corsets and beautiful asses. Easter Egg Cunt is taking place in the Bunny mansion. The playful interracial besties Jenna Foxx, Nina Skye and Lily Adams are dressed up in sexy outfits to search for colored eggs with Hugh. The grand prize for the lady who finds the most eggs is the access to Hugh’s cock which is available for sucking and a lot more. But the race ends in a tie so basically everyone wins! Hugh’s dick is the happiest one, it gets shared between three gorgeous babes. Luckily for us the whole Egg Cunt got filmed and leaked at BFFs. The besties can’t wait to taste Hugh’s manmade cream!

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